Eco-Friendly Flameless Candle – Better for the Environment and Your Health

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Candles are no longer a major source of light in the urbanized world but are still used extensively during special occasions. Many cultures and religions use candles as an important part of prayer rituals and celebrations. But are they really safe? Studies have shown that candle burning releases chemicals into the air and exposure to these fumes over a period of time can be unhealthy. An eco-friendly alternative to a traditional candle is the flameless candle, a battery-operated candle that is lit by an LED bulb. It looks and feels like a traditional candle with real wax and a decorative wick. Quality flameless candles may also give off a similar flickering glow as a traditional candle and can be reused for years. Here are a few things to consider when comparing a traditional candle to an eco-friendly flameless candle:

Wax Material

If your traditional candle is made of paraffin, as most candles are, burning it is likely releasing toxic chemicals into the air, such as carbon dioxide, toluene and benzene. Without proper ventilation, toxic fumes from a candle can decrease the indoor air quality and can aggravate health issues such as asthma. Since paraffin is a by-product of petroleum, it is also known to release carcinogenic chemicals.
Although many eco-friendly flameless candles are made of real wax, they are not combustible. The wax around these candles may soften but does not burn. Therefore, these eco-friendly products do not emit toxic fumes.


Some candles may have lead in the wick core. Health Canada alerts consumers on its website of wicks that have a metal core. When burned, many of these metallic cores may contain lead that may be harmful to children, pets, and pregnant women.
In a flameless candle, the wick, if present, is merely for decoration and to give the user a real candle feeling. The light from this type of a candle comes from an LED bulb that is located at the tip of the wick. The wick itself does not burn at all.


A traditional candle will eventually burn down to a puddle of melted wax. Also, keep in mind there is a definitive carbon footprint when burning a candle. Some calculations show that burning a candle produces 8x more carbon dioxide than a light bulb!
An eco-friendly flameless candle is reusable. The batteries in a flameless candle can last anywhere up to 3,000 hours and can be compatible with rechargeable batteries. This means that a flameless candle can be used for many years. Candle Impressions, for example, offers candles with a battery run time of 3,000 hours and an LED bulb life of up to 100,000 hours. Using the 5-hour timer, this means the product will last 54 years and you will only have to change the batteries every 1.5 years!
With more and more studies showing that traditional candles emit toxic chemicals and fumes when burned, an eco-friendly option is needed. The flameless candle is fast becoming a popular alternative to the traditional candle. It looks and feels like a traditional candle but without an open flame. Flameless candles are safer for the air quality, your health, and they are reusable.
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